9 Different Ways to Gain Weight from Today

ways to gain weight

While people are seeking ways to lose weight, it might be challenging to come across materials that help you to gain weight. Studies have shown that more people that suffer from overweight tend to live longer than those that suffer from underweight. It can be a threat to the overall health of the underweight, while everyone must understand themselves; it is expedient that we know than some are skinny due to their genetics, and they should see their doctor know the standard weight for themselves. 

In this article, we are going to talk about nine different ways to gain weight, and you will feel the difference from the very first day you start following these tips.


What is the meaning of underweight?

If an individual with a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5, this is approximately less than the body mass needed for good health and to sustain the body. To have a BMI of over 25 is overweight, and then 30 is said to be obese. There is a need to have a body mass index that would maintain good health. Others are very skinny but still healthy due to their genetic makeup. It is estimated that more women suffer from underweight than men in the United States of America. 

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One consequence of being underweight is that there is an increased risk of infection, as being underweight affects the immune system.


What causes underweight?

There are many reasons for being underweight, and we would highlight some of the reasons below:

  1. Genetics: Due to genetic makeup, some tend to be very skinny. You have to consult the doctor to ensure you have the proper BMI (body mass index). 
  2. Infections: When there are certain infections in the body and disease, this can cause weight loss, illness such as tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, all these leads to weight loss.
  3. Eating disorder (ED): This is one of the significant causes of underweight. It is more of a mental condition; the characteristic is that by irregular eating and severe concern about body weight. It can be under-feeding or excessive consumption.
  4. Celiac disease: This is characterized by a severe autoimmune disease that occurs in individuals that are genetically predisposed where the indigestion of gluten can cause damage in the small intestine. 
  5. Diabetes: People that are suffering from diabetes, the body cannot get adequate glucose from the blood that should have been used as energy due to insulin. When this occurs, the body starts to suffer from insufficient glucose, and it begins to burn fat and muscles, thereby reducing the overall body weight.
  6. Cancer: Cancerous patients go for regular radiation and chemotherapy, this leads to the loss of appetite, and the individual begins to emaciate, and this eventually leads to weight loss and underweight.


Natural ways to gain weight

Underweight is a severe health challenge and poses more danger to the individual than overweight. From research, there is enough evidence that people who are overweight live longer than those that are underweight.

If you want to gain weight, there are exact steps that need to be put into consideration to ensure that you don’t do the opposite, and thereby putting yourself in more significant risks than is necessary. You want to gain balanced muscles and ensure the entire growth process is accurate and healthy, then the information below would help to achieve your goal and maintain sound health.

  1. Add calories to the meals you take: When preparing meals to look for ways to add up the calories in the meals. It would help if you used the calorie calculator to determine what measure of calories you need. For slow weight gain, you should aim for 300-500 calories per day above the average calorie level or 700-1000 calories per day for a quick weight gain. 
  2. Drink milk and other high-calorie beverages: If you take more liquids during meals, try to make the liquid count by filling them up with juice, smoothies, and shakes. You should take full-fat milk rather than skim. Go for traditional nutrient giving drinks like kefir, horchata, chia Fresca, and telb, which are all high in protein and calories higher.
  3. Take more proteins: This is very primary for weight gain; if you are working on building muscles, red meat can help to gain weight. Bean, other oily fish, and supplements like whey protein all can add to the weight.
  4. Take some desserts: If you take dessert at night, go for healthier options like whole fat yogurt with fruit, trail mix, or grain pastries. It might not be fit to rely on sweet foods, but taking these can help to gain weight.
  5. Weight lifting: What weight lifting does is that it makes the excess calories go to the muscles rather than the fat cells. You go to the gym not less than three times in a week and try to lift heavyweight, as you do this, there is the conversion of calories to muscles; this generally helps to keep you in shape while trying to gain weight. You can also get a weight coach to help you through the process of trying to gain weight.
  6. By taking long sleep: Sleeping well not only helps to lose weight, but it also helps in gaining weight. One advantage of getting a good night’s sleep is that it helps to reduce anxiety. Make sure to focus on rest and reduce stress if you want to gain weight.
  7.  Do not smoke: Those who smoke weigh less than those that do not. When an individual stops smoking, they tend to gain more weight.
  8. By drinking milk: One way to get in more high-protein is by drinking whole milk when thirsty. It contains high protein, and this helps to add to the weight. 
  9. The mental preparation and goal setting: This is one necessary procedure for weight gain, mental preparation. It will require keeping to regular eating patterns with the end goal in mind that it is to gain weight. Plan the amount you can put in to eat and stick to it. A good weight gain program starts from being conscious that you want to gain weight.



Starting the weight gain program might be difficult and not producing a result as you expect initially, but by sticking to the whole procedure, one can be sure of adding more weight naturally.

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