Correctly Choose Your Clothes and Your Mat for Practicing Yoga

Those who love yoga always consider having top-notch and best quality yoga pants and mats for practicing yoga. Today we have enlisted a short note to remember to consider when you are buying your yoga mats and pants

Yoga is both mental and physical exercise. So that your mind can enjoy all the benefits that yoga has to offer, your body must be properly equipped.

The first accessories you should get when you start doing yoga are clothes and a mat. Both things can determine your attitude to yoga from the beginning, so it is crucial to consider even the smallest detail.

Clothing for yoga

As for yoga clothes, the most important thing to keep in mind is the comfort. Clothing should not limit your movements even when you perform extreme stretches, turn or lean.

1. Think of Movement

When you are choosing what to wear to practice yoga, you should consider the types of movements you are going to do. You can choose clothes that are tight, but made of a material that bends and stretches with you. It is important to choose clothes that stay in place when you bend or lean back. It can be dangerous for your garment to end up covering your face, not to mention how embarrassing it could be.

2. Think about comfort

In addition to being able to move freely, you have to feel comfortable with the clothes you choose to wear. Some fabrics are not very appropriate for practicing yoga, they make it more difficult. So make sure you choose a soft and breathable fabric, loose and lightweight. If you do not want to wear tight clothes that are uncomfortable, you can find more flexible alternatives that allow you to move freely without getting in your way while practicing yoga.

3. Use different layers

It is important to be at the right temperature when practicing yoga. If you are practicing in a cold studio or outdoors, you may want to wear a tight fit jacket or a sweatshirt that can be easily removed when you get warm during the session.

4. Do not let clothes get in your way

Do not use pants that are so long that you can accidentally step on them when you are doing a posture, or clothes that you do not feel comfortable with. Clean clothes and pleasant smell.

5. Choose your own style

When you have to decide what to wear to practice yoga, you must have your own style. Choose the colors and shapes that you like the most. Some people prefer to wear sleeveless shirts or sports bras for practice, but it may be more comfortable to wear a tight shirt. Avoid the necklines! We want the attention to be in practice not elsewhere.

Also, your yoga clothes should absorb sweat and dry quickly. This is especially important if you practice Bikram or Power Yoga. To avoid synthetic clothes and choose clothes made of cotton, bamboo or hemp. These fabrics breathe and you know how important breathing is in yoga. Wool or flannel clothes are advisable for winter training.

Tight or loose clothing? Choose tight pants if you want to see your legs to ensure proper alignment. If you choose loose cotton pants, make sure you can stretch, twist and curve with them.

When buying clothes for the upper part, keep in mind that you should be able to make inverted postures without the clothes falling on your face. It should be short enough not to cover the lower part of your body.

You may not need yoga shoes if you practice indoors, but you will need good shoes if you decide to do yoga outdoors. Search among the best-known brands those that offer shoes for yoga, with flexible soles.

Where to buy?

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Yoga mats

Now let’s take a look at the wide variety of yoga mats. They differ in thickness and material.

  • The rubber mats are thin and prevent slips.
  • The double rubber mats are the same, although thicker and cushion more.
  • The cotton mats are the best option for those sessions, Bikram Yoga, for example, that cause a lot of sweat since they absorb it and prevent it from slipping. It is advisable to moisten the cotton mats a little before starting the exercises, to obtain a more pleasant sensation.


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Choose your clothes and your mat carefully to enjoy all the benefits of yoga sessions!

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