Guide to Start your Yoga Practice at Home

Guide to Start your Yoga Practice at Home
Guide to Start your Yoga Practice at Home

A friend of the Yogaonmill family asked me this question on Facebook :
I wanted to know, if I wanted to start practicing yoga, could I do it alone from my house? How should it be the place I should choose to do it? I mean its lighting, or space. What characteristics should I have to make it a good place to practice yoga at home ?

I loved your question because I’m sure it’s a question that comes to many people who want to start doing yoga at home, so my answer goes to anyone who wants to start. This one is your¬†Guide to Start your Yoga Practice at Home.

I feel that the most important thing, to begin with, is to want to do it. Choose a time when you have some peace of mind because it is ideal that you are present completely in your practice. At first, it may cost you, but be attentive to your body so you can feel each posture, your breathing and the calmness and peace you will experience.

How to Start?

To do yoga at home, you only need a small space in some place free of distractions, quiet, clean and ventilated. Some loose clothing so you can move all the joints of the body with comfort. I recommend that you practice yoga at home without shoes or socks, and so you can feel the soil better, be in contact with the Earth, be more aware, and avoid slipping!

A yoga mat, a blanket or towel would also be very useful, something you can put on the floor and provide better support and comfort in some postures. In this article, I tell you about the importance of a yoga mat. Here I have Gathered a list of top 5 Mats available in Amazon to choose from


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I also recommend that you wait about 3 hours after a full meal, and this is something I do in any physical activity. You will feel light, and you will avoid dizziness or other possible consequences of doing any type of exercise right after eating. I also advise you to drink water about 15 minutes before starting. You could eat some fruit, or drink some juice or tea until an hour before you start the practice and that way you avoid being too hungry during the session.

The practice of yoga at home requires a special concentration and awareness, which you will acquire little by little. If you’re practicing by yourself, I recommend that before you look at some yoga positions, yoga videos, or if you can you go to some kind before. In any case, remember not to do more than your body can, do not force it. Listen to your body, always, he will be your guide during yoga practice at home.
If you also want to have more security knowing step by step how each position is made, with great precision and details, this online course will be very useful for you.

To start with some yoga positions, I recommend that where I have prepared a video course to help you where I share the explanation of yoga postures, sequences, videos, etc. On the Yoga on Mill Facebook page, I also frequently share new yoga sequences that you can do at home, as well as other useful tips for your practice, and for life.

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