How to Dress While Doing Yoga


Nowadays it has become very fashionable to play sports. There are many people who know the benefits of being in shape, not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Therefore, there are many disciplines among which we can choose if we want our body to be in the best conditions.

Each person will have different needs when it comes to sports, so you may not be able to choose between them to know which one they like best. However, this does not mean that they will not find one that they really like. You just have to dedicate the time that is necessary to know some of them and see if they adapt to your tastes and needs.

One of the most popular sports in our days, as many celebrities show us, is yoga. Every day there are more centers that open where this discipline is taught, since yoga is much more than a way of carving and caring for our body, it is also a philosophy of life that implies greater tranquility, away from stress , know your own mind and try to reach a state of inner peace very difficult to achieve in these moments of so much stress and stimuli in which we live.


The movements are not like in other types of disciplines. You may not have ever tried it, but it is certainly a discipline suitable for almost everyone, which combines postures and movements (with different degrees of difficulty) with moments of relaxation and meditation, perfect for the well-being of our body. Once you have tried it you may find the type of yoga that you like most and want to perform this exercise on a regular basis to notice the physical and psychological results in a more or less short period of time.


So, if we want to perform yoga we must find the right clothing so that our body can move more easily and we feel comfortable and well equipped throughout the class. Discover how to dress for yoga and enjoy this ancient discipline.




Although you may have seen people wearing all kinds of yoga attire, it is best for beginners to wear tight clothes for the first few sessions. Tights and a tight shirt will help you have greater freedom of movement and learn them little by little.


The tighter the clothing, the better


In addition to the tights and the t-shirt, in the case of women, you must also buy a high-grip sports bra. It is better that it be so since you will have to put yourself in different positions and you may not feel comfortable if you do not wear this type of bra.


As for the feet, you can go barefoot or wear socks. Although most centers use a mat or special yoga mat to avoid slipping or getting hurt when lying down or resting on the ground, it is likely that if the socks are made of cotton you could slip. Then you can buy special socks with rubber in the sole so that your fixation to the ground is stronger and you have less danger of slipping.


As for the hair, if you have it long the best thing is that you pick it up in a ponytail or a bun. However, keep in mind that in some postures you should lie on the floor, so depending on the size of the bun you may be more or less annoying. The most important thing is that you put a clip or a headband to make it not fall on your face, giving you greater visibility and comfort throughout the yoga class.


Clothing must be as breathable as possible



Clothing must be as breathable as possible


As it is a sport that is fashionable, it will not be difficult to find many clothes and accessories for this sport in stores. In those specialized you will also find specific clothes for this modality and, in addition, the dependents and specialists in the sport will be able to tell you which is the one that better will be able to adapt to your needs, beyond what the fashion dictates.




The good thing about going to a store specializing in sports, or in the section of a fashion store adapted for this exercise, will be that the fabric of the clothes will not be the same as for the rest of the clothes. Thus, the specific clothing for yoga will be made of a material that will perspire more, so if we sweat during the session the shirt will not be wet and will dry faster.

In addition, these garments do not accumulate sweat, so it is more likely that you do not smell bad quickly as would happen with other types of fabrics. By washing them you can completely eliminate odors, drying also faster than a piece of clothing that you would wear to go to the street.


The bra has to be of good quality for a correct subjection
The bra has to be of good quality for a correct subjection. Once you have learned more about yoga and if you see that you like this sport you can acquire more specialized garments. Maybe you do not care so much which are those that are fashionable and prefer those recommended by sports professionals for greater comfort while practicing this discipline.

Although many people wear clothes to do yoga on the street, because it is fashionable, it is best that you limit yourself to putting on these clothes only while doing sports. In this way, you will keep them in better condition for longer. Remember that sportswear is not the same as street clothes, because it is designed with a very specific function.


If you like this type of attire because it is fashionable, do not hesitate to buy tights and shirts also from the big sports brands, but with a street purpose. Many of these fashion brands know the tastes of the people and that is why they have two different lines, one that is specific for yoga and sports and the street, which is very similar, but with a specific fabric for each function for you. comfort and well-being.

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