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By chance, I found an energy bracelet which was free to order, designed or promoted for people who exercise and do yoga, but with two or three sentences that told me, it made sense to spend 3-7days to test its operation, and after a short time of using it, I practically use it. hours of the day (you only have to take it off when you shower, since you should not get wet). I used some energy bracelets before but I felt like it was extraordinary.

Basically, it is a gaucho bracelet that contains special magnets and stones inside, which in the end combines 3 technologies.

How did I start using?

Well, these tests are enough to get interested and try. That’s what I did, and I started using this bracelet. Initially, what I felt was an unusual force, a sensation of rest upon awakening and, in general, more physical vitality. The next sensation was tranquility and elimination of any anguish. With the passing of days, I did not want to take it off.

I extended this investigation with friends, family, etc. either selling them or giving them a bracelet, and seeing how they felt, if they noticed any change in their health or not.


I number some of the effects that I have registered:

  • My motivation and working capability increased a lot
  • This heals my mental problems
  • Elimination and/or reduction of muscular pains: arms, legs
  • The sensation of rest upon awakening
  • The sensation of vitality and energy
  • Ease of falling asleep
  • Greater resistance to the flu
  • Negative: People who can not sleep using the bracelet, for excess energy


Another interesting test I have done is when people say “I have not felt anything, everything is normal”. Here what happens is that we quickly get used to feeling good. It’s amazing, but we do not remember our ailments, our laziness when we wake up in the morning or feel tired.  As we are now well, we do not relate it to the use of the bracelet … Then, the test consists of taking a few days off the bracelet … I, and the people who have done this test … we do not spend two days, without being back “looking” our bracelet.

And the Best thing about this bracelet is this is fully free, a non-profit organization is giving it away for free and for the betterment of the society. You can simply to get this bracelet by just paying the shipping.


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