Not Every Legging is Worth Doing Yoga – A Few Pro Tips

Not Every Legging is Worth Doing Yoga

People who do not practice yoga think that any legging or sportswear is good for doing yoga. Fundamentally it is not false; you can do yoga in running shorts, in a tracksuit, or even in pajamas, but if you look at it in detail better than not.


Why Not Every Legging is Worth Doing Yoga?

As this blog is not meant to teach the ” Not To Do ” errors with photos, ” Aarrgh!“I prefer to avoid showing what you can see when a person does the” upside-down dog “with a legging bought in the socks and socks sector of any street clothes store. Unfortunately (for her), you can see more little pink panties or colorful thongs through a black legging than what you can imagine.

As it is now fashionable to show the fuchsia bra underneath the shirt, perhaps I have missed the panties version insight.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a doubt, there is an infallible proof.
Put your legging, turn your back to a mirror, try to touch the feet (in utthanasa), and look in the mirror (between the legs), and if you see the color of your underwear is that you should not use this pant in yoga.

Not Every Legging is Worth Doing Yoga

The other way is to put your hand inside the legging and throw a little on the cloth if you see your finger is that there is a danger of yogic transparency.
With this test, it should be enough. Please do not change a legging for a fat tracksuit to go to the other extreme, and there are good brands in the market that offer suitable products.

The other mistake we find is to wear a Pant with a very low waist, like the skinny jeans of the teenagers. They can see the thong when they sit down because in yoga the same thing happens in some positions (dog type upside down), I recommend legging pants a little high waist, also as the high waist of the ’80s becomes fashionable fashion!

I do not do a design or styling lesson; everyone dresses as they want but better to prevent than feeling uncomfortable during the practice.

Here are some Yoga Pants that I recommend for this season (I have them):

Prolific Health is a well-known and best seller brand that does not have stores, but there is an online store. It is a famous brand for the quality of its garments and specialized in yoga. Prices a bit expensive but they hold up well in the washing machine.

It’s like a second skin, very stretchy, the waist is high, very comfortable for yoga, and the long Capri just below the knee, perfect when it starts to heat.


Beyond yoga, is another super classic brand that has an online store. Only garments for girls, very specialized in yoga, running, with a line of ecological cotton (more expensive)
The fabric of this model is quite thick, impossible transparency! Very stretch fabric for dynamic yoga practices, the waist is high, and the long Capri favors the silhouette and legs.


Pink Lotus, a Swedish brand that is sold in multi-brand stores, technical fabrics for training, running. For men and women. High prices, but the materials are specialized and excellent.
The waist can be adjusted with a cord, and the flat size holds well the side tissue, technical is beautiful, I like the detail down at the ankles.


Zara Yoga, have a collection of gym wear with excellent value for money.
Legging modern look, running style, but the fabric is beautiful and elastic, and the gray color is well suited to the yogi look.


In the known brands of sportswear, you will find multi-sport tights that do not pass the season. What kind of pants do you wear to practice yoga? Do not hesitate to share your style tricks with us and your comments.


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