Yoga and sport, 4 Perfect Ways to Help Your Body


Among the most celebrated yogis in the world, Peace Pilgrim says that “when you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live in peace with others.” A feasible way to find this balance is by combining Yoga and sport.

However, any combination of both will not help. As stated by Gema San José, a specialist in specialized sports physiotherapy, we have to know our objectives to make a correct selection.

Yoga and sport, how to combine

Any combination of yoga and recreation can be favorable. You have to know what goals we are looking for. However, boxing, swimming, pilates, Crossfit, or even playing pool can be very productive.

We have to know what we are looking for when combining both practices. If our need is merely physical, to be thinner or fitter, the sum can be more straightforward. However, if our search is more spiritual and mental equilibrium, we will have to spin it finer.

If we seek to be more focused, balanced, and less exposed to daily stress, pilates can be an excellent companion to yoga. Both enhance flexibility and body elasticity with cleaner and more concentrated minds.

yoga and sports

What benefit does it have?

Professor Isidro Fernández is one of the specialists who have most studied the applications of yoga in conjunction with the sport. Among his many studies, he establishes the achievement of a great psychic and mental equilibrium.

For Fernandez, the combination acts mainly in mental balance. This fact enhances the capabilities of the individual. The benefits are mostly found in aspects such as higher capacity for concentration, relaxation, creativity, or imagination.

But they are not the only benefits. According to Fernandez, we can establish other advantages that are obtained from this wise application of sports and yoga. Next, let’s get to know some of the most important ones.

Focus of attention

Apply sports yoga enhances our ability to pay attention, both in maintaining alertness and when we use selective attention. It reduces the reaction times of the individual, and it is also beneficial because of the amount of stimulant that both practices have.

Greater relaxation

Through sport, in combination with yoga, not only further relaxation is obtained, but it also reduced the time status changes. That is, we will be faster when moving from a quiet location to another more challenging and vice versa: we will be more dynamic.

Increased concentration

Given the need for attention required by yoga and other sports, its practice makes it expand. These activities make it easier for us to be more attentive during work hours, classes, or even in a conversation between friends or family.

Anxiety regulator

A combination of sport and yoga is a perfect setting to practice controlling anxiety. Respiratory techniques are learned that will help us to pass the wrong drinks. Besides, the energy expenditure involved will also be useful to lower voltage levels.

“You can not always control what happens outside. But you can always control what goes on inside “

-Mr. Yoga-

Other advantages of this combination

Besides, to those already mentioned, Fernandez reports other essential benefits of the application of yoga to the sport. Consult with a specialist, and you will know how to say which discipline fits least to your goals. Once selected, you can obtain benefits such as:

  • Development of motivation.
  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • Mental activation and tension regulation.
  • More significant emotional and physical preparation.
  • Improvement of positivity.
  • Application of internal dialogue to know you better.
  • Elimination of negative thoughts.
  • You are strengthening your personal and social cohesion.
  • Improvement of your habits compliance.


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Physical advantages

But the advantages do not end there. Of course, there is also a physical component. In other words, practicing sports in combination with yoga will significantly improve your health and well-being. And as the classical Greeks said, “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

“Your task is not to seek love, but simply to search and find all the barriers that you have built within yourself”


As is logical, the better we see our physique and the better we find ourselves in health, the easier it will be to face the day today. Yoga and the practice of sports will make our world more positive, less gray, and with routines and habits that add more to our lives.

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