Yoga Exercises to Avoid Back Pain at Work

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There are many hours you spend in the office, but you still want to dedicate some time to yourself. Your physical and mental health is very important for your day to day since it will depend on your 100% out and inside the work. Yoga can be the one solution to keep your health better. yoga for avoiding back pain at work.

Sport has always been and will be the great ally to connect with oneself, not to mention how healthy and necessary it is after a long workday. There are many disciplines that you can practice (swimming, running, crossfit, pilates …), the range is very broad, but there is one that we recommend you: yoga . Its benefits are endless: it improves concentration, helps you to face problems with philosophy, eliminates stress, reduces the chances of getting sick and improves the working environment.

Whether you have already tried it or not, we advise you to introduce it to your routine, but if it is impossible, here are 5 Yoga postures for you to do in the office that will give you the strength you need to continue with your work.

List of Yoga exercises to avoid back pain at work


Best Yoga Workouts & Exercises to Burn Fat & Gain Flexibility

1. Column twists

The first yoga exercise is sitting on a chair, place your hand on the opposite knee and surround the chair from behind with the other hand. Extend your back up and turn your body backward. If you want more intensity, press the hand on the leg to be able to turn more.

2. Hip opening

Sit in a chair, bend one leg and place it on the opposite, resting the ankle on the thigh. Bring the trunk forward until you feel a good stretch. Repeat with the opposite leg.

3. Flexion forward

We go through half of the Yoga exercises you can do in the office. This is quite easy: sitting on a chair, carries the trunk towards the thighs and drops the head and arms by its own weight.

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4. Dog face down

This yoga posture may seem strange but it is very beneficial : Stand up and stretch your arms by grabbing a chair at a 45 degree angle. Keep your eyes on the ground, putting your shoulders at the height of your ears, and bringing your hips back.

5. Neck stretch

And the last Yoga posture very useful for the neck and neck: place your arm and your hand above your head, towards the opposite side. Touching your hand with your ear, twist the neck towards the side of the bent arm. No need to force, twisting the neck is enough.

Try these 5 yoga poses in your office without anyone looking at you weird. Do them as many times as you need, you will see that your spine and neck stretch out eliminating any discomfort.


Best Yoga Workouts & Exercises to Burn Fat & Gain Flexibility

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