Yoga for Beginners at Home Fundamentals

yoga for beginners at home

Yoga for beginners at home can be a bit challenging but its worth the try. Learning a new discipline and starting to practice it until now we had always done it through traditional schools, through face-to-face attendance and direct contact with the tutor or teacher of that activity.

But the world evolves and with it also the human being and the technology that we have developed, putting it at the mercy of our interests, offering a multitude of services at a distance, which previously was unthinkable to carry out.


This is the case of yoga, a millenary discipline that increasingly has more followers and practitioners. However, something so beneficial and stimulating for people’s lives is not always easy to carry out and put into practice, either due to lack of time, distance to a yoga center near the home or workplace, or because we are forced to travel often. In any case, the truth is that if the technology is at our service, take advantage and get the most out of it.


This is what has done, an online platform with yoga classes for all. What if you have never practiced yoga? Is it dangerous to get to it without a teacher who is on top of you? That is the idea of the Yoga for Beginners program: practices designed for all those initiates who are completely ignorant of yoga ordered so that the student can go little by little knowing all the keys he needs to develop his own practice.

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Fundamental Recommendation – Yoga for Beginners at Home

yoga for beginners at home

  1. Choose a quiet space to practice, without stimuli or distractions, which allows us to immerse ourselves fully in the instructions of the teacher who guides the class.
  2. Turn off the telephone, the television, the radio … all those devices that may bother during the class. We must assume that we have brought the school home.
  3. Warn people who live with you that you are going to practice and you need a time of meditation and silence.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes and a yoga mat or blanket.
  5. Try to practice with empty stomach and bladder. The ideal: two or three hours after having eaten.
  6. Once we have taken the step of learning yoga, invest in all the accessories you will need: cushions, a blanket, a cloth belt, a chair … and keep them close during your practice in case you need them.
  7. Visioning the chosen video first is a good option to know what positions will be made and if it adapts to what you need at this time.
  8. Breathe quietly and consciously, ideally with the diaphragm, that is, puffing and deflating the abdomen with breathing.
  9. Always listen to the body. Without forcing it, not going beyond where he allows you. The observation is very important to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  10. It is not advisable to skip relaxation, it is very important to integrate the practice and receive all its benefits.

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