5 Yoga Channels on Youtube to Practice at Home

It’s been a while since I started getting interested in yoga. The combination of movement, breathing and intention always caught my attention, but I think it’s that spiritual “extra” that does not offer any other physical activity what I decided to try.



However, it took me a while to decide to practice because I thought that to do it was essential to sign up for a study, and at that time I did not have the money to start classes.


But I was wrong. Thanks to the internet, it is not necessary to sign up for a study to enjoy the benefits that yoga can offer you. Of course, you will use the practice much more and it will be more beneficial to perform the asanas under the supervision of a teacher. But if this is not possible, practicing at home using online classes is a more than valid option.


I came across one of these channels of chance, in one of my many procrastinating sessions on the internet. From there, I gradually began to explore others, and finally, I designed my own network of channels on YouTube.


Although I am currently going to a yoga studio, it was these channels that fueled my passion for practice, so I have a lot to thank them for.




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In this channel, you will find many yoga videos. There are tutorials on concrete postures, some guided meditation, but above all, you will see an infinity of yoga classes (usually power, vinyasa and restorative yoga). There are specific videos for beginners and others are for more advanced levels. In addition, classes vary, from some very short of about 10 minutes to the longest of 45 or 50 minutes. Whatever your needs are, on the YBC channel you have a video for you! For me, it is one of the most complete I have found.



Erin Motz, creator of Bad Yogi believes that yoga can be for everyone, regardless of your physical level, your beliefs or your habits. In its channel you will find classes that are usually very accessible for yogis of any level, being ideal for beginners because they are usually short (about 10-15 minutes). It has a special section of 1-minute yoga videos, so time is no longer an excuse.
If you are starting yoga I recommend your challenge for beginners of 4 weeks. You hook up safe.



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It has specific programs, for example, one month for beginners and another for 90 days for yogis of intermediate level. His style is Vinyasa, so expect to sweat for a while! Another thing that I like about this channel is that it has a class from the first series of Ashtanga, which I use when I want to practice it at home and I need a little motivation to keep the rhythm.



It has a very complete selection of specific classes: yoga to lose weight, to concentrate, to sleep better … Like almost all channels, this also has a section of videos for beginners highly recommended and with a program of 30 days. It also has tutorials for specific positions that will surely give you some clue to improve your practice.




Gaia is the world’s largest online yoga platform on the planet. It will ensure interweave spirituality into your everyday life. You will be able to live your yoga with asana, philosophy, and meditation classes on Gaia. They have 8,000+ EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and the best thing is you will get them by paying less than a dollar for the first month. Get it Here for only .99$

Did you know any of these yoga channels? Do you use yoga channels to practice at home? Do you think any of them are missing from this list? MAIL US admin@yogaonmill.com


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